Hey there, I'm Anastacia! I was born in Minsk, Belarus, but since I was little I moved around Europe a lot with my family. I lived in Belgium, Hungary, Slovenia, and currently — I'm based in Austria. I speak 7 languages to various extent.


I have a BA in Corporate Finance, and a Diploma in Marketing Communications. Professionally, I worked in Management Consulting, both within consulting firms, and on business side as well. Some of the largest banks in Europe, CIS, and the Middle East were my clients. I gave a lot to work, but very little was left for me, and at a certain point an unavoidable burnout came calling.


Today, I look at both work and life in general in a completely different way. I lead a YouTube channel, dedicated to Personal Development, and getting a Masters (MSc) degree in Cognitive Science at the University of Vienna. On my channel, I talk about topics of education, learning, productivity, work, life hacks, planning, time-management, efficiency, foreign languages, and everything that touches upon improving oneself when it comes to things both personal and professional.