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Hey there, I'm Anastacia! I was born in Minsk, Belarus, but since I was little I moved around Europe a lot with my family. I lived in Belgium, Hungary, Slovenia, and currently — I'm based in Austria. I speak 7 languages to various extent.


I have a BA in Corporate Finance, and a Diploma in Marketing Communications. Professionally, I worked in Management Consulting, both within consulting firms, and on business side as well. Some of the largest banks in Europe, CIS, and the Middle East were my clients. I gave a lot to work, but very little was left for me, and at a certain point an unavoidable burnout came calling.


Today, I look at both work and life in general in a completely different way. I lead a YouTube channel, dedicated to Personal Development, and taking classes in Cognitive Science at the University of Vienna. On my channel, I talk about topics of education, learning, productivity, work, life hacks, planning, time-management, efficiency, foreign languages, and everything that touches upon improving oneself when it comes to things both personal and professional.

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My main focus is my YouTube channel. As of today, it has more than 416 000 subscribers, who just like me are tremendously interested in the subject of Personal Development. This topic is truly an ever-burning passion of mine. And on the channel I try to develop myself in both personal and professional areas and topics: from learning languages, to fighting Internet addiction, procrastination, looking for better solutions for organizing and time management, and many, many others.


Also, due to my studies and pursuit of Cognitive Science, in my videos I focus a lot on scientific recommendations and explanations for human behavior and higher cognitive functions in general. I believe this gives my recommendations not only depth, but extra motivation to follow them on a long(er)-term basis.


One of the projects in the pipeline for the channel is adding English subtitles to the videos, starting with most popular ones. So keep checking in!



I use my Instagram as a secondary platform, for more direct engagement with my audience, where there's already more than 103 000 people have gathered.


Here, I share some of the things that didn't make the cut for my YouTube videos, run challenges on various Personal Development topics, and also mention some interesting books, movies, and places.



There are a quite a few exiting things in the works, but to start with, you can drop by and follow The Anakay!


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